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The Saurer Group Business Unit Spinning brands Schlafhorst and Zinser, have been pioneers in the production of staple fibre yarns for over 100 years. The ring spinning specialist Zinser is leading the market with the widest range of ring spinning applications. The market and innovation leader Schlafhorst with the product brands Autocoro, BD and Autoconer completes the entire spinning line right up to the quality package. more


- Morarjee Textiles buys first Zinser 72

The first Zinser 72 machine to be manufactured in the new Zinser plant in India was ordered shortly...

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- Ibrahim Fibres Limited

Globally competitive with advanced Zinser and Schlafhorst technology The textile industry is...

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- Emateks Turkey

1000th Autocoro with single-drive technology goes to Emateks Only four years after market launch...

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- The new Autoconer 6 – the best original ever

Crowd puller at ITMA 2015 The new Autoconer 6 from Schlafhorst proved a global sensation back at...

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- Autocoro 9 and BD 6

Schlafhorst machines in tune with the timesSaurer Schlafhorst's Rotor Spinning product line is...

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- The rotor spinning platform of the future

Schlafhorst highlights at ITMA 2015Schlafhorst is opening ITMA 2015 with a drum roll: the German...

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